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Gricela has more than 10 years experience as a nanny, has taken child development classes, and is close to completing her AA degree.  She has experience with twins.  She is intelligentdependable, responsible, energetic and creative!

Marilyn worked as a nanny for 9 years on her last job.  We placed her many years ago, and our client referred her to her friend.  She is so sweet, very presentable, helpful, active, knows how to swim and is available to travel. She took care of two children, now 6 & 9 years old, and they adore her.


Martina is originally from Mexico, is a citizen, drives, and has her own car. She is currently working 2x/week, housekeeping for a couple in Brentwood.  She was a live-in weekend nanny for a family with a new baby for 3 months while they were vacationing here over the summer. She can follow recipes, likes to do housekeeping, also does laundry and ironing.  She has a happy disposition, and a smile on her face.


Sally worked for a couple in Beverly Hills for 12 years.  For the first 3 years, she assisted the husband, who was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.  Following his passing, she cared for the wife, and assisted with household projects, light cooking, shopping and driving.  She is lovely, warm, presentable, flexible, reliable and trustworthy. Her references are excellent!


Suzan has worked for 11 years for a family in Hancock Park.  She is an excellent laundress, does hand washing, ironing, steaming, organizing closets, wardrobes and household linens.  She is a detailed housekeeper, and loves children.  Suzan is originally from South Africa.


Bridget is available 2-3 days/week.  In addition to washing, ironing, and organizing closets, she can organize your kitchen cabinets, drawers, and whatever else you may require.


Norma has great skills, is very lovely, presentable, and capable. She is experienced in fine homes, does full housekeeping, laundry, ironing, childcare, and is a very good cook. Norma worked in a staffed home for the last year, until a new house manager was hired and made some changes. Prior to that, she worked for a family with 4 children for 13 months. They had two full-time people and decided they only needed one. They offered Norma a part-time position cooking for the family, but she needed more hours.  She also worked for a well-know art collector and has experience caring for fine art.

Noemi has been working for the last 4 years in a 17,000 sq. ft. home on Bellagio. She worked for a single man, with a staff of 3 , doing housekeeping and taking care of 2 dogs. He moved and the commute was too far for her.  She loves dogs, even took a dog-grooming class!  She can stay overnight when the family travels.  Noemi has worked on her own, has worked for families with children, is very experienced and professional. She can do simple cooking, is very flexible on her schedule.

Leonora is originally from the Philippines, 33 years old, single, very flexible in her schedule. She can work long hours, or stay over when necessary. She has been working in a large home in Santa Monica since last July.  It was a staffed home, and they no longer require as many people. Leonora was the last one hired. She is an excellent worker, does cleaning, laundry, errands, childcare, and is a great cook.

Blanca has experience in fine homes, has worked with other staff, and on her own, has taken care of 3 dogs and 2 children on her last position. She is lovely, with such a pleasant, easy-going personality, and no attitude. She worked with another housekeeper in a 9,000 sq ft home, and was let go when they only needed one person. She is willing to stay in the house when the family travels, or stay overnight when necessary. On one of her jobs, her schedule was Tuesday through Saturday, so she is open, if you prefer that schedule.

Nelis has done everything, including cleaning, cooking, childcare, caregiver and errands. She has worked for the last 2 years for a family in Santa Monica, until they cut her hours to part-time. She has an excellent reference from the family, and was relied upon to help in all aspects of managing the home and the family. Prior to that she worked for a couple in Brentwood for 8 years as a housekeeper, then was a caregiver as they became ill.



Mayra is an amazing person.  With a degree in child development, experience as a teacher’s assistant, working with special ed kids, and a health care specialist (equivalent to a LVN), that’s only the beginning~ Mayra has over 20 years experience in the culinary field, is fluent in 4 languages, has traveled with families all over the world. She has worked in the domestic field as a nanny, cook, estate manager, and personal assistant, plus she is  truly a lovely person.


Pierina is originally from Chile.  She has worked as a nanny and housekeeper, and is also a wonderful cook.  She’s an America citizen, speaks great English, and has excellent references.

Elvia is a live-in housekeeper who likes to cook!  She worked for a family in Beverly Hills with 2 children, maintaining the home, driving, and preparing meals.  She also does laundry, ironing, has worked as an in-home caregiver, is loving, compassionate, with a happy, positive personality.

Nora is a live-out nanny who is still with her family after 19 years!  She is only working part-time, which is why she is currently available.  She has taken care of three children, and loves to cook.  She is flexible to travel with a family, or stay overnight whenever necessary.

Gigi is a live-in nanny with a five-year reference.  She has designed creative, age-appropriate games and activities to engage the children in learning while having fun.  She is very professional and hard working.  Gigi has experience in all ages, from newborns through school-age.



Irma lived in with a family in Brentwood from 2011-2013.  She did everything The mom had her third child while Irma was there.  Irma took care of the baby and did housekeeping, simple cooking, laundry, ironing and sometimes picking up the two older kids at school.  She worked for another family for 10 years, starting as mainly the nanny, then doing housekeeping as the job required, once the child was in school full-time.

Rosa is available 4 days/week.  The family she was with for 9 years, she continues to work for once/week. They had 3 children, Rosa did errands, driving, and some cooking for them.  She also worked for 3 years in a staffed home in Beverly Hills, until the position changed.  Rosa is super-sweet, hard-working, very flexible on her schedule.

Telma has worked for the last 4 years in Santa Monica.  She did housekeeping, errands, laundry, attended to the needs of the guests, set the table for formal and casual service, in addition to general house managing duties.  She has worked in staffed homes, and as part of a couple with her husband, for prominent families in fine homes.

Patricia worked for a family in Beverly Hills for 13 years.  She did all the housekeeping, cooking and errands.  The woman entertained often and Patricia helped her with parties, did the cooking, went with her to the flower market and did all the flower arrangements. The house was over 5,000 sq ft.  Since then, she has worked for three other families, either on her own, or as part of a staff.  Patricia takes pride in her job, is very willing, and available to work any schedule.


Claudia worked with a family for 13 years in Beverly Hills.  She managed the staff, was responsible for two homes, repairs, maintenance schedule, as well as cleaning.  She is lovely, presentable and professional.  She is available to work any schedule, including weekends, travel, drive children, run errands, organize parties, etc.


Adriana worked for a couple in Beverly Hills for over 10 years.  She was their main housekeeper, and, as they discovered her talent for cooking, she took on more of a chef roll.  Her cooking skills are exemplary.  Adriana can do all the housekeeping, go to the market, do errands, and cook, of course!


As part of a staff, or on their own, both have experience in fine homes.  Houseman, butler, driver, attending to guests, formal and informal service, full housekeeping, flower arrangements, travel to and manage second homes, cooking, errands, hard-working, accommodating, lovely and professional.


Edith has been working in Santa Monica for the last 5 years as a housekeeper, also does cooking and runs errands.  She worked in a modern home with a large art collection.  She has a lovely personality, knows how to take care of fine homes, is super-responsible and reliable.

Marcela is originally from Argentina.  She cleans, does simple cooking, and takes care of children.


Manda is a 24 year old American girl from Northern California.  She graduated college with a degree in Biology.  She has been a nanny, tutor (French, math, science), is creative with children’s activities, and loves to cook.  She is very interested in a 3-day weekend OR a part-time position during the week, she has a valid passport, and a happy, positive personality.

Danielle is 27 years old, graduated UCLA, has been working as a nanny for the last five years.  She worked with 6-year-old boy/girl twins on her last job, for 1-1/2 years..  The boy had special needs, and she learned so much.  She also worked for two other families, each with three kids.  Very patient, lovely, presentable, and mature.

Katlyn is originally from Ohio, 24 years old, a college graduate.  She is very mature, well traveled, has been a nanny for 8-year-old twin girls for the past 3 years. Currently she works  simultaneously at a local television station, then goes to her nanny job in the afternoons.  She is available for a live-in or a live-out position.

Sheila is originally from Brazil, 35 years old.  She worked for a family who had adopted a 2-year-old girl from China.  The child was having a difficult transition, and had a bit of a speech delay, in addition to the normal 2-year-old tantrums.  They had Sheila for 3 years and loved her!   She is very flexible, can travel, or stay over when necessary, can do errands, prepare meals, etc.

Meghan is 31 years old, originally from Nashville, loves children, would love a full-time nanny job, has experience with two families in Santa Monica as a part-time nanny, is  enthusiastic in caring for kids, and the details of the position that go along with it.

Elida has worked with multiple children, including 3 sets of twins.  She worked for a family in Hollywood Hills since last April, traveling the world and taking care of twins, now 2-years-old.  She has great references from the previous families she’s worked for, has taken care of at least 3 kids in most of the families, is a happy, cheerful, and a very energetic person.


Ana S. has been working for a family for 16 years.  She was a nanny for the twins, then transitioned to take on the housekeeping responsibilities as the boys started school.  A full-charge person, Ana has done it all!


Samantha graduated University with a BS in psychology.  She has worked as a behavioral therapist, played softball in high school and college, coached in softball clinics for kids, was a camp counselor, and worked as a nanny for a family throughout college.


Joe G. has been working in Brentwood for the past 9 years.  He has done everything from heavy cleaning, to minor plumbing and electrical repairs, driving, serving, and even ironing!


Simone has worked for 15 years in a staffed home as the right hand to a prominent businesswoman.  She is fast, efficient, calm, and experienced in working in a hectic, ever-changing environment.


Nidia’s most recent position was in Beverly Hills for three years.  Her duties included housekeeping, laundry, ironing, nannying, pet care, grocery shopping and errands.  Prior to that, she worked for more than seven years at the family’s Beverly Hills home and Montecito estate, where her responsibilities included cooking, housekeeping, errands, and serving at numerous dinners and events.  Nidia has worked on her own and in a staffed household. She is flexible, and reliable, with a cheerful demeanor.


Gaby has worked in fine homes in Bel Air, Brentwood and Santa Monica.  She is an excellent housekeeper, experienced with the care of fine antiques, linens, marble, crystal and silver.  Plus……she is organized, has experience packing, moving homes, does cooking, laundry, ironing, and is great with family pets!   Gaby takes the initiative, knows what is needed before it is asked, and pays great attention to detail.  She will be as asset to any household.


GLADIS has been working for a family in BRENTWOOD for 8 YEARS.  She has taken care of three children, now 8, 5 and 2 years old.  Dependable, reliable and hard working describe some of Gladis’ qualities, but her positive attitude and generous spirit is what she brings with her to work every day.  Gladis is still with the family, until another family is in need of a full-time nanny, or a complementary part-time job comes her way.


Sandra Patricia has worked for a family in Brentwood with two children for sixteen years. Sandra’s childcare responsibilities started with a 2-year old and a newborn. Over the years, she has become involved in their lives, driving them to school, carpooling to activities, shopping for birthday presents, organizing parties. bringing snacks to their games, etc., in addition to taking two dogs to the park everyday. She has maintained friendships with the children’s friend’s families and they have also written her beautiful letters of reference. With two teenagers, the needs of the family have changed. Now Sandra is available for a new beginning.

“Incredibly loving, warm and exudes continuous positive energy.” This is just one line from a letter of reference filled with accolades for Ana V. She has one 10-year reference, and three years with two other families. Each family had newborns through pre-school age children. Creative, playful, and patient, Ana is focused on the total well-being of the children. Her smiling demeanor is contagious. She is also available to travel with the family.

Paulina worked for five years for a family in Malibu with two boys, ages 1 and 3 when she started. Paulina is single, totally flexible in her schedule and has an engaging personality. The oldest child was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and she assisted with therapies and administered medication as needed. He inspired her to take child development classes, which she continues to take on-line. Paulina prepared healthy, well-balanced meals for the family, ran errands and did light housekeeping. She drove the children to activities, organized play-dates, set up arts and crafts and various outdoor activities.

Zanya, Sonia, and Laudelina are all amazing housekeepers, in addition to having excellent cooking skills, ranging from healthy, family cooking to preparing meals for dinner parties and entertaining. Zanya’s experience includes housekeeping, house managing, and personal chef. She has run a high maintenance home with great expertise. Sonia received rave reviews from her previous employers, where she excelled as part of a staff in housekeeping and cooking. Her attention to detail, cheerful personality and willing to help in every aspect makes her one of the many applicants we are happy to represent. Laudelina has a 12-year reference, working for a family in Brentwood with three children, duties included full housekeeping, preparing meals for the family and driving. She does all errands and is very flexible in her schedule.

Isabel C. worked for a family for six years in Redondo Beach. She took care of two children since they were six-months and 3-years old. Isabel taught the children colors, letters, numbers, read books to them, did art projects and helped with homework as they began elementary school. She also performed light housekeeping duties and cooked meals for the children. Isabel is originally from Peru, drives, speaks great English and is college educated. She has CPR training and has gone to school for Nurses Aid. She is available to start immediately!

EXCELLENT LIVE-OUT HOUSEKEEPER/childcare available now!
Jennifer A. is a young, super-organized, detail oriented housekeeper, who has also taken care of children on her previous positions. She has experience in staffed homes, and is dedicated to her job. She has worked for busy families, high profile families and has impressed everyone with her hard work, honesty and excellent skills. She is great at laundry, ironing and has experience with a Miele presser. She can set up for parties or special events.

All in the Family HOUSEKEEPER/childcare LIVE-OUT
Roxana H. is the third sister we’ve met in this wonderful family. The other two sisters we placed with great families in Beverly Hills and Brentwood and everyone is very happy. Roxana is another hard-working super-capable person who knows how to clean, cook, help with the kids, do the laundry and ironing, all in a professional, responsible manner. She has long references, is organized and has a fine eye for detail.

Excellent NANNY/Pre-School Teacher with ECE and RIE training Live-Out
Kayce H. has all kinds of experience! She is currently working at a pre-school in Santa Monica for the last four years and has been trained in the Reggio inspired approach to early childhood education. She has been a nanny for a family in Manhattan Beach and Beverly Hills. Through UCLA, she has completed classes in Child Development and Early Childhood Education. She’s smart, sweet, fun, super-responsible, reliable and totally interested in the well-being of the children. She has experience with infants through school-age.

HOUSEKEEPER/Executive Housekeeper/House Manager Live-Out
Elizabeth R. is experienced in all aspects of housekeeping including laundry, ironing, organizing closets and drawers, flower arrangements and cleaning. She has worked in large homes with staff, speaks excellent English, has a happy, positive, hard-working attitude and knows what products to use on fine surfaces. She has experience taking care of children and is available to travel. Wonderful references ~ a real gem!

Darling girl! Suyee F. is in her 30’s, speaks great English, and has been working for a family with three school age kids for seven years. She is happy, personable, energetic and flexible. She does all the housekeeping, laundry, driving, errands, and simple cooking. She is available three days/week or full-time.

Ana E. has been working as a full-charge housekeeper in a 12,000 sq. ft home in Beverly Hills for the last four years. She is a young and organized with a great appearance and positive attitude. She worked in a busy household with three children. She would sometimes run errands or pick up kids at school and drive them to activities when needed. Ana can be flexible on her schedule, is very professional and has a cheerful personality.

Millie has been working as a live-in housekeeper for a family in Beverly Hills for the last two years. She is organized and efficient at housekeeping, driving, errands and cooking. Previously she worked as a housekeeper/nanny for a family in Santa Monica with two boys. Millie speaks great English, drives and has her own car.

If you are looking for an experienced housekeeper who is great with children and can do healthy cooking, Gladys is the person to hire. She has been working is Santa Monica in a staffed home for the last two years, until they had to leave California for an extended period of time. She has years of experience with other families, a cheerful personality, and is excellent at laundry and ironing!

With 15 years of experience, Marcela does housekeeping, cooking (went to cooking school) and childcare. Her English is great. She worked in Brentwood for one year and in Beverly Hills for 7 years for a family with 3 children. She has great letters of reference.

NANNY Live-in or Live-Out
Savannah worked for a family in Santa Monica for 2-1/2 years with four children, including twins. She is creative, athletic, available for extended travel, and flexible to work any schedule. She has taught children water sports, been a camp counselor, a babysitter and has had some college education. She is a darling girl, very helpful – not a princess!

NANNY Live-Out Full-Time or Weekend
Yrma W. is a great nanny with long references and experience with special needs children. She is originally from Peru, college educated and worked at Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles. She is flexible to work weekends or Monday through Friday. She drives, has her own car and is a U.S. citizen.

Ana worked for a family in Los Feliz for 12 years until they moved to Colorado. She was a live-in housekeeper and helped with cooking and childcare. She is single, flexible on her schedule and very sweet!

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